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A Little Cleanup

2009-01-18 13:43:02 by DigitalTide

I had originally posted some of my "learning time" songs from when I knew even less than I do now...if that's possible. To be quite frank, they were terrible - so they have now been deleted.

As such, my audio is looking a little empty...guess I have some work to do, eh?

Hello World!

2009-01-03 00:34:23 by DigitalTide

So yes, I am new to music...but not so new to Newgrounds. I've been lurking about for the past year or so, and have found a lot of artists and artistry that I deem quite impressive - and which have inspired me to try my hand at composing...if that's what it can be called. It's probably more like noise....

Anyhow, here I am. I don't know a thing about music or FL Studio, but I might as well start learning, eh?